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Speak With Our San Diego Sevens Legal, APC Lawyers Now!
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    Client Testimonials for Sevens Legal, APC

    The Sevens Legal team is a first class law firm. They proved to be honest and forthcoming in there approach to helping me with my legal needs. Everything they said would happen did and right on schedule. I was in good hands from the first visit with Stan though the completion of my case. Samantha and her team of expert attorneys deserve to be considered as some of the best in San Diego. Reasonably priced, expert services are what the Sevens Legal team is all about.

    David D.

    Getting a DUI really sucks especially if it’s your first time. I can’t express how stressful that situation is and I can’t imagine doing it without professional help and that’s exactly what Sevens Legal is.

    I went to their website, which was easy to use and with in a minute I was talking to a live person. From there it was out of my hands and into theirs, it really took alot of the stress away. I was able to do a affordable payment plan, they stayed in constant contact with me, and helped me every step of the way.

    They will have a team handle your case and will get you the best outcome you can realistically ask for. Even though I was still charged I didn’t have any public work services & my fine was reduced. I would recommend them to anyone. My main attorney was Vanessa Albert and she was incredibly professional, intelligent, charismatic, and empathetic. Vanessa simplified everything and was completely transparent. If I was to rate Vanessa on a scale from 1-10 it would be an 12. Thank you Vanessa & Sevens Legal.

    Corbin R.

    We have never really needed a lawyer before,but when I found Samantha I knew we were in good hands. She works tirelessly for her clients and I could call her anytime day or evening and she would answer any questions we had. I know she will be there even after all is settled if we her. She is the BEST you could ask for.

    Esther Jones

    We highly recommend the Sevens Legal Team for your criminal defense issues. We are taking the time to provide this information as with this highly competitive field and your need for a solid defense attorney being necessary. You are not going to know how to pick your best defense team. We are confident this information provides the answer to that very important question.

    Near the Christmas Holidays, our family member was faced with a legal issue and we went to several San Diego criminal defense team websites. We believed we would receive sporadic responses, if any due to the upcoming holiday season. Almost immediately-in in the late evening, we were introduced to a front line member of the Sevens Legal support team, who answered all our questions, online and on the phone- within 30 minutes. The support team brought in their top legal defense attorney- Samantha Greene, within hours of the first contact, even though she was tending to a current trial case. In 24 hours, Samantha Greene had reviewed the file of our beloved family member and offered her the guaranteed free consultation. During the entire time, the support team provided our family with repeated counseling and support during our crisis, even during the holiday weekend. It should be noted, two days after the release of our family member, other defense attorneys were making their “initial” contact with us. In other words, without the Sevens Legal Team, our family would have sat for days with no answers or support to our family. We highly recommend Sevens Legal.. Should you choose to wait for support and answers to your legal crisis, at one point, you will circle back to Sevens Legal and wander why you waited. They are top notch in expertise, knowledge, customer service support as well as their hands on approach to assisting our family through his overwhelming ordeal.

    T. Lee

    I called Sevens Legal more scared and overwhelmed than anything else. Going through a legal process is not only confusing, but also one of the most frightening and devastating experiences one can ever go through.

    Kerry Steigerwalt was incredibly reassuring and understanding throughout the entire process. Not only did he make sure that all of my questions were answered, but he also provided me with a sense of calm that you just can’t put a price on. If you’re going through a situation in which you’re wondering whether you need legal representation, then the best decision you’ll ever make is calling Sevens Legal. My deepest gratitude goes out to Kerry Steigerwalt and the entire team over at Sevens Legal.

    Jonathan W.

    Sevens Legal were able to help me with multiple charges. From the day I walked in, I felt welcomed and warm-hearted and Stan Mann and Vanessa Albert assured me they would be able to take care of things. Sure enough, all my charges were dropped and I am left with gratitude and a smile on my face to change my life for the better! I wish I could add more than 5 stars for this amazing legal team!

    Tony M.

    Experience, brilliance, mind-boggling compassionate dedication to clients and family. So present, so focused, so committed; we were stunned by her expertise, knowledge and wisdom – over and over. For my family she was truly #Guardian Angel – beautiful inside and out.

    Sherri A.

    Never in my life did I envision myself needing the services of an Attorney, so having to confront not only my legal situation but also needing to select someone I didn’t know and to trust them with my freedom was an overwhelming task. After researching and talking to several San Diego attorneys, my wife and I made the decision to entrust my case to Samantha Greene and the Sevens Legal staff. I was made to feel welcomed and quickly put at ease. The first conversation with Stan set me at ease and the first meeting with Samantha sealed it for us. I am more than satisfied with the outcome of my case and appreciated being made to feel that I was not alone – Thank You Samantha and Sevens Legal.

    Gino L.

    Experience the Seven’s Legal Difference

    When it comes to facing charges for driving under the influence (DUI) in San Diego, having a knowledgeable, aggressive DUI lawyer on your side could mean the difference between spending time in jail and walking away with your freedom intact. Under California law, most DUIs are misdemeanor offenses punishable by no more than one year in county jail, among other penalties. However, San Diego DUI cases involving certain aggravating factors or prior convictions can result in felony DUI charges, which carry a much stiffer punishment, including a state prison sentence, the effects of which can follow you for the rest of your life. If you have been arrested for or charged with DUI in San Diego or the surrounding areas, do not leave your future up to chance; contact our experienced DUI defense attorneys at Sevens Legal as soon as possible. Our team of accomplished defense attorneys have a proven record of success representing clients in misdemeanor and felony DUI cases in San Diego and throughout Southern California, and the sooner you hire our firm, the sooner we can get to work protecting your rights and helping you fight your DUI charges.

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    DUI is one of the most common criminal offenses in San Diego and throughout the state of California, but that doesn’t make the potential consequences of a DUI conviction any less severe. In addition to costly fines, jail time and driver’s license suspension, individuals convicted of first, second, third, fourth or subsequent DUI offenses in San Diego face other penalties that can severely affect their future and their family’s well-being. At Sevens Legal, our DUI defense attorneys have an in-depth understanding of California DUI laws and the inner workings of the criminal justice system, and we can help you get the best possible outcome in your San Diego DUI case. If you or a loved one is facing DUI charges in San Diego, do not hesitate to secure skilled legal counsel. Contact our reputable San Diego DUI lawyers at Sevens Legal today to schedule a free initial consultation and DUI case evaluation.

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    Our Clients Say

    “Samantha Green was great handling my case. She got me from a misdemeanor to a fraction. Im happy with that. She also kept me updated on my case and i never had to call her for an update. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to people.” – Amanda K.

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