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Speak With Our San Diego DUI Lawyer Now!
Speak With Our San Diego DUI Lawyer Now!


At Sevens Legal, we pride ourselves on representing our clients by leveraging over 40 years of combined expertise and litigation success. We offer a wide variety of criminal defense representation throughout Southern California and San Diego County. Our team of skilled San Diego criminal attorneys includes a former prosecutor and a certified criminal law specialist. We’ll help you gain a big picture understanding of your case so you know the full scope of your rights and the best ways to achieve a successful outcome.


Often your very best first step is getting representation and understanding your options immediately. For most offenses, you can only be held for 48 hours before appearing before a magistrate or judge (arraignment)—and often that time can much less with the right legal representation. Rather than tying up your family’s limited financial resources by posting bail, consider contacting an attorney first. The following guide can help you better understand and navigate the San Diego criminal justice system, but it is no substitute for quality legal representation. What is a considered a controlled substance in California?

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Risk Free Consultation


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“Samantha Green was great handling my case. She got me from a misdemeanor to a fraction. Im happy with that. She also kept me updated on my case and i never had to call her for an update. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to people.” – Amanda K.

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